Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ink & watercolor wash cottage

Ink & watercolor wash cottage, originally uploaded by kquilts.

I like looking at and trying out little painting lessons I see on the "net". This is one I found by Raymond Whitehouse. It was a lesson in ink and monotone wash. I really liked this technique. It just seems like it is easier- a very low stress technique. I'm not trying for perfection. That would drive me crazy.

Tomorrow I'll be working on another one that has more colors to it. I'll also be trying out my new pen- a RapidoSketch pen. I'm not sure if I'll take my little travel watercolor set with me, or watercolor pencils- maybe both. I can then decide at that time which I would like to use.


Bonny said...

Karen, I think this is my first time posting a comment to your Blog. Linked to your Blog from the EDM website ;)

Sometimes doing simple sketches really grounds us again and makes us pay attention to what we like best, as is the way in so many areas of life. I think I should follow your lead and get back to simpler art projects myself.

Oh, and FWIW: I travel with a small watercolour paintbox, a handful of watersoluble pencil crayons (5-6) and a waterbrush (the kind that you put water in the handle) and a papertowel for blotting. I found that the more things I took along, made me loose the desire for sketching. The less stuff, the easier it is to pick up a pencil and start. Just my 2 pennies worth.

Karen said...

I appreciate the advice. I'm going to spend the morning at a hospital as my father has an angiogram. I need something to spend the time on.

Bonny said...

I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hope everything goes well for your father.

Ann said...

Lovely sketch!

Margaret Ann said...

This is very soft and serene...love it! :) nice work!