Thursday, May 16, 2013

A False Start

There is a group on Facebook that are holding a challenge called Every Day in May.  The goal is to sketch something each and every day.  A list of prompts is supplied so you have an idea for what to draw.  I joined this challenge.  I was good for the first week, then fell behind and have not yet caught up.  I still hope to, and that is my reason for this blog entry.  Here is what I have drawn so far: 

Day 1 draw something bubbly.

Day 2 draw your favorite sound.

Day 3 draw something that represents joy.

Day 4 draw your socks.

Day 5 draw a pine or fir tree or eucalyptus.
I missed this one.

Day 6 draw perfume or a scented product.

Day 7 draw something you got for free.

Day 8 draw a coffee pot.

I will be working on the remainder, though I am a week behind.  As I do so I will post another entry here.

See ya next time!