Monday, June 18, 2012

A Trip to Lavender Hollow Farm


 Saturday morning a group of us "girls" took a road trip to the semi local lavender farm. A lovely place called Lavender Hollow Farm. There were 5 of us in all. Myself, my daughter and 3 friends. We had signed up for a class to make lavender wands. Oh what fun we had! What should have been easy proved to be more of a challenge than we expected!   We did have fun, though some of us had more success than others.

This particular farm is only open to the public 6 weekends of the year in the late spring.  The rest of the year it is simply someone's home.  They do have a mail order business selling lavender products.

We arrived early, which was good because it was one of those 100 plus degree days.  Class was held under a canopy.  Barbara staked out good seats for us while the rest of us procured supplies   She managed to get us seats with a fan directly pointing toward us.  For the next hour we worked diligently on our projects. 

This picture doesn't show all of us, only Elionora, Barbara and Lisa  I'm not in the picture and neither is my daughter Sarah.  There were probably 20 or so more people taking the class, but this photo was taken before it began.

This is what the wand looked like halfway through the process.  The lavender smelled so good!
And this is what the finished wand looks like.  I added another wider gossamer ribbon but don't have a picture of that.

When we were finished it was time for lunch.  We had a lavender themed box lunch where several of the items were flavored with culinary grade lavender.  It was quite tasty.  All of this was followed up with shopping at the gift shop.  I bought a teapot with a lavender motif on it.  I will be sketching it soon.  Sarah and I finished the day off with manicures and pedicures.

I arrived home in the late afternoon and found that my hubby had passed his "Extra" exam and had advanced to the top level on his amateur radio operators license.  This called for dinner out to celebrate.  We had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with good friends Elionora and David.  All in all it was a lovely day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Monterey: View From a Bicycle Part 2

After placing the painting in a room where I see it a lot, I was troubled with the left hand side of the painting. The problem was glaring at me, and I wouldn't be satisfied without correcting it. It took maybe 15 minutes to correct the greenery behind those trees on the left, but I am much happier with the results. I ordered the frame for it. It is similar in tone and color to the larger tree trunk.

Saturday I am going on an excursion with my daughter and some friends to a local lavender farm. We are making lavender wands and having a special lunch featuring some of their lavender culinary products. I'll try to post some pictures here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Berries

, originally uploaded by kquilts.

The online group I belong to: Watercolour Pencil Buddies on yahoo has a card exchange program we do. It's completely voluntary, but each month we are assigned a theme and we paint a postcard using watercolor pencils and then we exchange with other members. This was the card I sent off to Dianne. The original drawing was designed by Marilyn Harris Mills. I have learned a lot by doing the exchanges and it's exciting to get art in the mail done by other artists.