Monday, June 28, 2010

Class Lily

class lily, originally uploaded by kquilts.

This is the fourth or fifth painting I have done in my acrylic painting class, but I just photographed it today. It had been out of the house for 3 weeks, because I sent it to our local county fair. I have entered things in the past into the fair, but never a painting. It had always been quilting or knitting projects. I am a beginning painter, so was not expecting much. The competition is tough. There are some amazing artists in my area, so I was pleasantly surprised when we went to the fair and I saw that this had got an "Honorable Mention" I would like to try again next year, but rumor has it that there might not be a fair so we'll have to wait and see on that one.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feria and entering projects in the County Fair

Feria , originally uploaded by kquilts.

I have been taking acrylic painting classes since last September. I go once a week unless something derails my plans. I have missed a few times when I just couldn't go, but generally I'm there every week.

We have done still life twice now, and I have done landscape and one floral. This little kitty is the most recently finished project. She is a beautiful kitty that resides with my son and daughter. She has a lot of fur which was a challenge to paint because she has so many colors intermingled together.

I am now working on faces and portraits and will post that when finished. I am using an image from the WetCanvas image reference library of a little girl wearing a magenta colored straw hat.

I have entered quilts and knitting in the county fair in years past, but this year I entered paintings. Entered are my hydrangea painting, the landscape I painted using a reference photo from Kate Johnson, and a lily I painted. We shall see how they do. The judges are judging today, but I won't know till June 16 how I did. There is a lot of competition there and I am new at this so I don't really have expectations of winning, but it is fun to enter and get critiqued.